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    ABOUT"RACKSHACK.NET"..Help me please

    hello all,
    First, please excuse me , because it is my first time here. my english is not perfect to read and understand all forums.
    so i want to ask a question about
    i want to buy a dedicated server from there.
    i need your suggetions. but please in simple engilish))
    Please say me " yes or no " . or simple suggestions.

    and can you tell me differences " ensim and redhat "

    Thank you and good luck

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    ensim is hosting software
    red hat is the OS
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    1- Rackshack's network is very good (Multi Gigabyte network from different providers). Server prices are good too.

    While support seems better now, they are not suggested for very high quality and very reliable hosting. Sometimes a software or hardware problem may take some time to be solved. (sometimes more than 12 hours )

    If you want to provide low cost hosting then they are good choice.

    By the way they have some Compaq servers which seem to be more reliable than others made by themselves.

    2- Ensim is a hosting control panel which makes things easier.

    You can create a website , its ftp account, mail acounts etc very easily from inside control panel.

    You will have 4 levels of control panel when you obtain ensim(Server admin, Reseller Admin, Site Admin and User Admin).


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    If you do not know the diference between redhat and ensim - Do Not go with RackShack - unless you have a server admin freind to help you with it. I respect rackshack but it is not for newbes.

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    Not for total newbies anyway. Platform, try managed services instead.
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    very good advice dotcomster. rackshack is not for people who know little about servers. it is for people who have lots of time to learn or who already know.

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    hýmm ok.
    yes you are right. it may be difficult for me to control dedicated server.
    ok . thank you very much again..
    and for this platrfom..its reaaly good for webmasters..
    Good Luck.

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    Like others said, managing a Linux server isn't a one-day operation. It requires some experience to be able to deal with unexpected situations. Control panels can help you out in most 'normal' situations, but you'll certainly run into problems which require you to have some shell knowledge.

    The best advise I can give you before signing up with any unmanaged server provider, is to find an old PC somewhere (a 300Mhz with normal specs should work fine), install RedHat 7.2 on it (you can download the CD's for free from, and load it with Ensim (available for free at, get a trial license from their online shop).
    This way, you have a great chance to find out what administering such a machine is about. If you're used to work on Windows machines, then there will be a major difference as the graphical user interface will be gone. But if you're willing to learn, and use good resources (a Linux book,, chatboards, ...), everyone can become a great Linux sysadmin. And that's the moment when you're ready to start leasing an unmanaged server.
    And then RackShack is an excellent choice at a cool price. There are other providers with the same pricing schemes, and some are good indeed, but others just don't have the great network and knowledgeable people RackShack has. We own $2700 worth of servers (/month) at RackShack, and I'm still convinced that they are cool - if you have some Linux knowledge. You'll understand that no-one can hold your hand for $99/month (already including the server cost, the bandwidth, occasional on-hands support, infrastructure, ...)

    Best of luck, it's possible and not hard at all. Just take some time and you'll do fine.


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    I agree with what the others said here.

    If you're not experienced with Linux, it's better to get a virtual server instead elsewhere. Much cheaper and you can get good support. Meanwhile, you can learn much things about Linux using your virtual server till you're ready to go fully dedicated

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    Thank you all !

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    Then again, you could consider the Cobalt RaQ offer. I know it is a little more expensive and less powerful as compared to the rest but it sure is a lot easier to administer. You could control most parts of the server via the web-based interface but of course, if you need to do any customization, you would probably need to telnet or SSH into the system to make the necessary changes. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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