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    CMS vs. Plain Website Dev

    Okay, so, we're getting our Intel 64-bit, 4GB DDR RAM, 2x500GB virtualization-enabled LAMP servers provisioned and ready for web content. For us, that's the EASY part. Now, we need to actually create websites, blogs and other web content. We know the big thing today is CMS but we've been used to using WYSIWYG templates on a Windows box using Windows-based Adobe software.

    We are looking for an open-source solution that allows us to create and manage websites, blogs, wikis, photo albums and even, at some point, create more sophisticated social media applications. For instance, we may want to do an online tv show or stream radio content. We're a small enterprise in entertainment media so we need something that's robust, scalable and extensible. We also want websites that are clean, easy to navigate and professional--no tacky, looks like we did it ourselves stuff.

    We are trying to avoid the issues related to proprietary software and applications while securing our content and servers from theft and intrusion. And we've just become plain fans of open-source software, the concepts and the community. We need strong support from a good community of eggheads without all the ego so we hope you can recommend something like that.

    What do you recommend, what do you not recommend and why? Should we do a full CMS package and which work best on LAMP servers? Do any of them require other, special software like website editing software or are there some with web interfaces kind of like programs like MySQL and PHP?

    What kinds of security issues should we be considering and how do we address them?

    We look forward to your solutions-oriented, helpful comments. Thank you.


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    Hello Anya,

    Have you had a look at OpenSourceCMS ? Specifically because you're looking to run on LAMP . You will find many good CMS, ecommerce, Portal, Blog etc examples on this site. You can test the frontend (visible to the public) and backend (administration) sections of each of the examples listed thoroughly and the demos are reset periodically. I hope this helps.
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    I recommend OpenSourceCMS too, perfect choice, one user and pass to manage all with no problems...

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    One key factor you should consider is your ongoing maintenance costs and commitments. Having done SilverStripe, Drupal, CMS Is Simple, WordPress, and homegrown, I can tell you your biggest ongoing issue is going to be maintenance/security updates. Drupal has been the most time-intensive in that area - updates and upgrades can be a serious pain, although it certainly took the shortest time and smallest effort to get live.

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