Hey fellow Web Hosting Talkers,

We have just changed our pricing and hope you'll enjoy these prices much more (Since we haven't had a customer from webhostingtalk yet). The top features you get with us is:

No 500 Clients per Server - We wont put 500-750 clients on one server and cause it to be unrealiable.
Frontpage 2002 Extensions - Most providers only give you 2000 but 2002 comes standard with all of our packages.

Now for the two plans i think you guys will love the most (the ones we loose the most money on).

Starter Package
Disk Space 100 MB
Traffic 3000 MB / month
Mailbox 10 Mailboxes
Mail Aliases 10
Mail Autorepliers 10
FTP Users 10
CGI Service Included
Frontpage Extensions Included
Setup Fee None
Monthly Rate $ 9.95
Yearly Rate $ 8.46
Two Year Rate $ 7.46

Disk Space 350 MB
Traffic 15000 MB/mo
Mailbox 75 Mailboxes
Mail Aliases 75
Mail Autorepliers 75
FTP Users 75
CGI Service Included
PERL Included
PHP 4 Included
Frontpage Extensions Included
Server Side Includes Included
Shared SSL Included
Setup Fee None
Monthly Rate $ 24.95
Yearly Rate $ 21.21 (1 Addional Month free)
Two Year Rate $ 18.71 (3 Additional Months free)

Normally if you look at our homepage at http://www.simplicato.com/?s=home&p=webhosting mysql is not included in the Advanced Package. But I'll give the first 20 people who signup from webhosting talk a free mysql database for any of the packages (if it is not included).

Visit our website now at http://www.simplicato.com and make your order. .

If your willing to pay 1 year in advance, the monthly cost comes out to 21.21, and you get 13 Months for the price of 12. Thats a total savings of $ 69.83.

The best part is, you can try us out for one month free. Just make sure you signup as a trial order. After your trial is over, you can keep your site on our server without any effort.

Maybe that wasn't the best part. If you promise to put a text link on the bottom of your page with a link back to us, we will not charge you one payment. So if you order the Yearly Rate, we will only charge you 21.21 for 11 months and not 12.

If you want something that isn't in here, send me a private message or e-mail me @ [email protected]. I'll see if we can come up with a better deal for you.