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Integrated Windows 2008 VPS with Hyper-V

Setting up in a Virtual Private Server has its advantages and disadvantages over shared hosting.

What Integrated Windows 2008 VPS does is take the best of the two scenarios and combine them to make Windows 2008 VPS a highly reliable and scalable hosting solution.

Here is what is involved:

Your VPS consists of the following:

512 MB RAM
Windows 2008 Entreprise Edition
IIS 7.0
Filezilla FTP
Dot Net Panel Web Portal

Plus Add Our Dedicated Serivces [included in plan]:

10 x MS SQL 2008
10 x MS SQL 2005
20 GB SmarterMail 5.x
Primary DNS (SimpleDNS)
Secondary DNS (SimpleDNS)
Dot Net Panel

Using our Dot Net Panel we build a plan that includes your VPS + our dedicated services.

The plan then consists of:

20 GB of unlimited domains / websites on VPS
Unlimited Domains on VPS
20 GB of MS SQL 2008 / MSSQL 2005 on our dedicated SQL server
20 GB of SmarterMail on our dedicated mail server
Primary DNS on our DNS servers
Secondary DNS on our DNS servers for failover
Secondary mail server for mail failover


1. One of the biggest advantages is this scenario saves your VPS RAM and allows you to fully use this for adding web sites.

2. Whenever you create a site DNP automatically writes a record to your DNS and to our secondary DNS for failover

3. You create reseller plans which include all your VPS resources and our Dedicated resources.

4. You have full root access to your VPS to maintain and install any software you need.

5. You are able to remotely host email independent of your VPS plus can provide a failover mail server which will spool any incoming email if the primary mail server goes offline.

All of this overcomes the 'all your eggs in the one basket' scenario of a normal VPS setup and allows you to reach a scale that usually requires a substantial investment in dedicated servers and software. With Integrated.VPS you are utilizing up to 4 dedicated servers to run your hosting service from.

$99 per month / $99 setup

Integrated VPS is also available using Virtuozzo 4.x:

512 MB RAM
Unlimited Domain Creation
Windows Standard x64 Edition 2003 R2
IIS 6.0 - Unlimited Domains
Filezilla FTP
Power Panel - Remote Management including Backup, Restore and Reboot
Dot Net Panel Web Portal

Dedicated Services: (Included in Integrated.VPS)
Up to 10 GB MS SQL 2008 x64 / MySql 5.0
Up to 10 GB SmarterMail 5.x
Primary DNS (SimpleDNS)
Secondary Failover DNS
Dot Net Panel Enterprise Server (The Control Panel Engine)
Secondary Failover Mail Server

$59 per month / $59 setup

For more details please see this link:


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