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Thread: e5405 vs q9650

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    e5405 vs q9650

    q9650 with 4gb
    single & dual, e5405 with 4gb ram

    so which cpu is better in terms of hosting websites, database?
    Since i only run forum hosting and cms im not sure if q9650 adesktop cpu will cut out for the job while e5405 is an enterprise cpu.

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    If we are comparing the Q9650 server to a single CPU E5405 server then I would have to say go for the Core2Quad. It is a desktop grade processor but architecture between the two is fairly similar, but the C2Q has a higher clock speed, 1 GHz actually. So that is a significant gain over the E5405.

    If the server is a dual CPU E5405 server then it will be more powerful than the single CPU Core2Quad.

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    The E5405 has a proven web server history. Also, depending on what forum software you are running and how active the forums are, you need the 'beef'. Make sure you get 4 GIGs of RAM too.
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    Q9650 is far superior to an e5405.
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    Here is another good source to compare the cpus-
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    q9650 if it single CPU E5405
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