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    Short term promotion

    New promotion here as we attempt to expand.

    I do not want to step on our datacenters business so if you need to know the exact datacenter just contact us and we can give yout he info on where exactly the space is and other details. But we have a large amount of new rack space and bandwidth in 350 Cermak in Chicago and are offering $8 per mbit unmetered on all colo today and maybe the next few days. We are making an effort to fill this new rack and new bandwidth commitment in the shortest possible time frame so contact us to take advantage. We need to get about 200mbit commit sold so if anyone might be interested contact sales using the email below and we can give you more exact details and pricing on whatever you need. The offer is only here on wht so it will not be on the site yet and you will have to phone or email our sales team.

    This is all dedicated bandwidth not shared. We do not have a shared unemtered plan like you might see as FDC. This is something to offer in the near future though.

    Rack space is $30 per U but for every 50mbit we will give you 4U or one mid tower space free. Up to 64IP per U free and extra IPs are.

    No unreasonable offer refused. Our goal is to get 200mbit before the end of the week.

    We also have 2 dedicated servers that can be included in the above pricing. Core2duo E6600 with 2GB of ram and 2x250GB HDs. On 50mbit or more you pay only for the bandwidth.

    Also we want to offer pure internap plans for $12 per mbit or less depending on commitment. I am looking for anyone who thinks they will be interested as we will need to make a certain commitment before we can justify adding this backbone. If there are enough interested individuals we will go ahead with this. If this is not a reasonable offer then feel free to comment and give us feedback.
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