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    WHMCS Virtuozzo Module

    Good morning everybody!

    I'm pretty proud to say that we have finished the module, We got some good reviews from our beta and integrated in a few things from their requests.

    Features of this module:

    - Automatically create a VPS on a sale
    - Automatically suspend a VPS on non-payment
    - Automatically delete a VPS when a client closes a sevice
    - Automatically terminate a VPS
    - Allows Client to select Operating System for VPS (Linux Only)
    - Works With Windows and Linux Vritozzo Servers
    - Works with Virtuozzo 4
    - Works with WHMCS 3.8 or 4.0

    Welcome to visit our website.

    We will also be working on a OpenVZ module that allow OpenVZ creation etc etc without having to have HyperVM.

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    I just wanted to post on this, and let everybody know that this is release, we just released a bug fix for Windows. If windows hardware node, it will limit hostname to 15 characters only. Solving an issue with the auto generated hostnames.

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