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    Looking for VPS to host huge image

    Hi guys.
    These days I'm looking for a VPS or sharing hosting to host my image site.
    My site has large quantity of pics which nearly fifty thousands files.Total size is 50G and each day's bandwidth is 10G.
    Any ideas where I can run my site?
    Thanks a lot for all in advance

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    Have you looked at the VPS Offers forum?
    You should be able to get a decent provider based on your requirements.

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    Basically any provider. You already know your requirements, 50GB Diskspace 300GB/mo bandwidth. However I believe a site like yours would be more intensive on RAM and CPU usage than bandwidth and diskspace.
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    Do you get alot of traffic? You may need to go with a provider that offers dedicated cpu cores. Also, what is your budget and are you looking for a managed or unmanaged server?

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    What sort of budget do you have? If I were you, i'd go with a provider that offers dedicated servers as well, in case you need to upgrade.

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    I have a vps with the owners and staff there are on live chat most the day/night, cna talk to them on MIRC, and are very helpful, been nice and stable, and im always learning new things from support there. If looking for a nice stable vps, with good ram and so on, id deffinatly check them out, i got nothing bad to say about them all good so far i been with for numerous months now!@

    Oh yes also 1st month you get it for half price i believe
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    your needs are pretty normal (depending on your budget). Take a look at the offers section then search the companies here for reviews.

    @admin-caperhosting You may want to submit one of your sites hosted with by using the report button.

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    VPS's are pretty cheap and honestly speaking, having a look at your requirement, a basic VPS with standard specification should work for you. I believe you should check out the offer thread and learn more about the configurations.

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