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    Question Hot Online Backup Web Server

    Can someone please give me a little direction on how to have a Windows 2000 "hot" online backup web server in case the primary goes down. In other words, if the primary server fails or we have to take it down because something ran errant, the other server would stand in it's place.

    What is the best way???

    Appreciate any help..


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    Win2k Advanced server has built-in clustering functions, which I *think* should be able to handle what you are talking about. However, Win2k Advanced Server is much more expensive than w2k server. Another option would be to get an external load balancer, such as a cisco local director.

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    ya you can do it with win2k.... it can also blance the load of all the servicers

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    The best way is with a hardware load balancer. Run 2 servers and if one locks up or goes down the load balancer directs all traffic to the other.

    You can run W2K Server on both machines, no need for Adv Server if you are running hardware load balancer.
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