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    Lightbulb GIGABIT $1/mo. PREMIUM cPanel Hosting on 1000mbps ports w/ 20 min response times!

    HostDogtor is hosting company that strives to provide a personalized hosting experience at a wholesale cost. We have been hosting portfolio clients for a number of years, and have only recently turned into a public hosting service. We use top of the line network and hardware infrastructure and have hired staff manned 24 hours a day to serve you better. Below are a few introductory plans that will let you try us out and see the difference of being hosted with HostDogtor.

    Read more about us here

    All plans include:

    Enterprise Server Hardware
    cPanel w/RVSkins + Fantastico
    Free instant account setup upon payment verification
    20-minute support response time guarantee (usually within 5 minutes send a message to pre-sales to check!)
    Daily Off-Server Website Backups
    99.9 % uptime service level agreement
    7-day money back guarantee

    We currently have two specials for you to take advantage of:

    #1) S1-Puppy Shared

    1 GB Diskspace on RAID-10 SAS 15k rpm hard drives
    33 GB of premium bandwidth on 1000 mbps ports*
    cPanel w/RVSkin + Fantastico

    $3.00 / 3 months on special
    $6.72 / 3 months at regular rate following the first 3 months
    Select quarterly payment and enter coupon code: july09

    Click here to order

    #2) Shared WHT Special

    512 MB Diskspace on RAID-10 SAS 15k rpm hard drives
    16.5 GB of premium bandwidth on 1000 mbps ports*
    cPanel w/RVSkin + Fantastico
    Free and Instant Account Setup

    $12.00 / 12 months on special and this is a recurring and fixed price
    Works out to $1/month

    Click here to order

    *Please be aware that although the servers are on 1000 mbps (Gigabit) ports, under a shared environment, it is realistically impossible to be able to push that must data on a consistent basis. The server will push as much as the hardware can handle up to a theoretical 1000 mbps limit. Most web hosts are limited to 100 mbps ports and some even 10 mbps ports.

    Datacenter: ServInt
    Location: Virginia, USA
    Test Ip:
    Payments Accepted: Paypal, Credit Card

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    At the request of several sales tickets, we have decided to up our policy to a 14-day money back guarantee. The reason why the number of days isn't as high as competitors is that we believe that a long money-back guarantee will be bait for individuals who would should seek to abuse the hardware and network and just ask for their money back.

    Also, I have also been asked a file for speed testing, here it is:

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