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    Visual Basic or Delphi ?

    I am trying to take courses.

    Not sure which one is more powerful and marketable?


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    Of the two Visual Basic is more marketable. Are those your only choices? And is it VB 6.0 or VB.Net ?
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    True, but Delphi is a more specialized niche. A smaller skilled labor pool to compete against. Tons of people know VB. VB is more accessable, you know (less expensive to start developing in). Just something to think about.

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    (However, I'd probably go VB as well)
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    True, true dTuesday.... Since we don't know what sort of classes he is taking we don't know if it is a college course or some sort of professional development. Better to take VB where he can more easily get a job and then grow. With Delphi people usually already expect you to be somewhat competant.
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    vb can only carry you so far...delphi, though I don't know much of it, can probobly carry you a lot farther in a "carreer" type atmosphere.

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    I disagree. VB can take you as far as your skills allow. While VB almost anybody can be "productive" in VB, a good developer can do some very nice things within it. And that is just VB 6.0. VB.Net takes it even further and coupled with the .NET platform it is ready for almost any task.

    It all comes down to what kind of developer you are. If you are some hack you are not going to go very far in either. If you are a student of the game then you can take either of them as far as needed.
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    The courses only offer Delphi 6 or VB 6 so far, which sure enough is quite powerful to step further for the .NET version.

    If you are aware, Delphi 7 is out in the market. This version is for .NET platform as well.

    The only weksness I have is that I was not trained for PASCAL before. I was trained for BASIC instead.

    If I decide to take Delphi, do I really have to know PASCAL?

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    It depends on where they start you out in the course. If they "assume prior experience" then you may or may not be in trouble depending on your level of expertise. If I was you I would go get a nice introductory book on the language that you choose and go through that before the course. That way they will be clarifying and expanding what you learned on your own.

    Is this a college course, a 5 day boot camp or a longer professional course?
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    A College Course.

    Yeah..I agree with you WonderMonkey.

    Originally posted by WonderMonkey
    Is this a college course, a 5 day boot camp or a longer professional course?

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    Well if you're looking to get a job, I don't recommend VB or Delphi. They are useful to an extent (especially learning), but It would be more profitable to learn a more formal language like C++. But if you are going to pick between the two there is a lot of extra stuff that comes along with VB like the whole .net vision and VBscripting that I don't think Delphi has anything like.
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    Learn, more marketable and its usage is more widespread.
    However, a good Delphi programmer can be tough to find and as such they can demand a substantial amount more in pay than the same programmer.

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    Well I got all kinds of other stuff to offer but he only gave VB or Delphi as the choices so that is what I went with.

    So, are there other choices besides VB and Delphi? I also would pick something other then those two as my base.
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    Depends on what you want to do.
    Do you want to create server side stuff like forums or do you want to create games?

    Do you want to concentrate on small time work or high level corporate stuff?

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    And if this is a college course do you plan on taking other courses afterwards? Is it part of a degree program or what?
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