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    WHM/cPanel Cluster Question

    Hello everyone,

    If i have cPanel Dns Only installed on a Main DNS Server,
    and have two Web server runing WHM/cPanel with Slave DNS server.

    Senario is my Main DNS server have one ip, i setup NS1 point to my ip on main DNS server, set the NS2 point to my Slave DNS server on server1.

    Now if server1 or server2 have new account created, will they send DNS zone on the Main DNS server automaticly after creation ?

    This way i would have a DNS server resolving all Query and other server will run Slave DNS server to send the zone everytime we have new account or if someone change is zone they will be replicated.

    Is this possible in WHM ?
    To advoid runing 2 Main DNS server on each server.

    Thank You.

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    Yes, they will send to each other.

    Main Server will send them to both. Or you can configure DNS1 to sync with DNS2.
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