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    Website Mangement what to charge?

    Hi all. I have been contacted to manage a website for a upmarket restaurant. I've never done this for $$ before so wondering what to charge them. I suppose it will require 2-4 1 hour sessions a month of my time.

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    well, first of all make sure there is some wiggle room in your estimate, for things taking longer than you expect and so on.

    typical rates for websites can range from 40-80 per hour - but that's as a company , for a contractor i'd say you'd be looking at 15-25, depending on what is involved (basic html , or advanced programming and databases etc)
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    I would have a contract written up that you and the company agree with. In the contract it should state how many hours it will be 'per' week / month. I would then figure your pay based about that. In order to get a feel for what you should be paid start with 'per' hour. I would start with $15.00 to $20.00 an hour. It may seem high but I personally do not feel it is for someone starting out.

    Side Note: you may know this company / owner on a personal level but you really need a contract to bind the two of you together. I hope I've been helpful. Good luck!
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    Cheers mmm 20 per more than i was going to charge so thanks for letting me know cheers.

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    I'd be inclined to look at the resturants menu, and charge 1 x the price of the dearest meal per hour.

    Also I totaly agree with the need for
    a 'simple' contract and the very important wiggle factor/room.

    ps. the contract is needed to protect BOTH parties from any misunderstandings.
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