ValueVPS is proud to be the first company using SolusVM to manage all VPS's and Nodes. SolusVM is the secure alternative to HyperVM and we know you will love it for it's speed and simplicity. To promote the introduction of SolusVM we have a very special offer - Buy One, Get One Free! Check out the deals below:

128MB Guaranteed Memory
256MB Swap / Burst Memory
10Gb Drive Space
150Gb Transfer
2 x IP Addresses
4.99 Per Month (Discounts also available for pre-pay)

256MB Guaranteed Memory
512MB Swap / Burst Memory
20Gb Drive Space
300Gb Transfer
2 IP Addresses
9.99 Per Month (Discounts also available for pre-pay)

384MB Guaranteed Memory
768MB Swap / Burst Memory
30Gb Drive Space
600Gb Transfer
2 IP Addresses
13.99 Per Month (Discounts also available for pre-pay)

VPS-XL (Get a FREE VPS with 10gb Disk, 150gb transfer, 128mb RAM)
512MB Guaranteed Memory
1024MB Swap /Burst Memory
40Gb Drive Space
800Gb Transfer
2 IP Addresses
19.99 Per Month (Discounts also available for pre-pay)

VPS-XXL (Get a FREE VPS with 20gb Disk, 300gb transfer, 128mb RAM)
768MB Guaranteed Memory
1536MB Swap / Bust Memory
50Gb Drive Space
1200Gb Transfer
2 IP Addresses
24.99 Per Month (Discounts also available for pre-pay)

VPS-XXXL (Get a FREE VPS with 30gb Disk, 600gb transfer, 128mb RAM)
1024MB Guaranteed Memory
2046MB Swap / Burst Memory
60Gb Drive Space
1500Gb Transfer
2 IP Addresses
29.99 Per Month (Discounts also available for pre-pay)

Buy One, Get One Free Terms
Your free VPS is linked to your 'paid for' VPS - if your paid VPS is suspended / terminated due to breaking our ToS / AUP this will also apply to your free VPS. This offer does not include a control panel - if you want a control panel installed on your free VPS, you must purchase one. VPS management is not included with the free VPS although you may purchase it. Your free VPS is a 'lite' offering and comes with 128mb RAM and 1 IP address. Disk / Data transfer for VPS-S Lite is 10gb / 150gb - VPS-M Lite = 20gb / 300gb, VPS-L Lite = 30gb / 600gb. This offer is limited to 20 clients and is given on a first come first serve basis. Use coupon code SolusVM to get your FREE VPS.

Operating Systems
We supply a number of Linux operating systems, a full list can be found on our website. You can install any one of these at any time through our control panel.

IRC services or IRC-related services are permitted only if they do not connect to EFnet and/or Undernet. This includes, but is not limited to: "IRCd servers," "eggdrops," "bots," and "bouncers." The purpose of this restriction is to prevent attacks on our service due to malicious activity that has been known to occur on the IRC networks EFnet and Undernet - in short, private iRCDs are ok but you are not to use our services for any kind of dedicated irc hosting company. If any major DDoS originates from your IP we have the right to null route your IP or suspend your account. This applies only to our UK based Nodes.

Test IP & File
IP :


Our VPS offerings here are UNMANAGED so it is up to you to do the bulk of the work. Our website has a self help forum that has lots of useful information to help you setup, manage and secure your VPS and we also have a support ticket system and live chat. Semi-Management is 10.00 per month on any VPS.

If you opt for the 'Semi-Managed' VPS (Extra 10.00 per VPS per month) we will install operating systems, control panels, Kernel Updates and any security you require. We will also harden your server and install any scripts that you request.

Off-Site Backups
If you want off-site backups for your VPS, we charge 0.20 per GB (chargable in 10gb blocks). You can use FTP, rSync or rDiff protocols.

Payment Methods
We accept Credit/Debit cards (Worldpay), PayPal and Google Checkout. For UK clients we can also accept Cheques and BACS providing they originate from a UK bank.

In most cases your VPS is up and running within an hour of making your purchase.

If you want to see our plans in more detail please visit

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here - we will reply as soon as we can.