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    Streaming server

    I'm looking to buy a server, specially to stream video's. Does somebody has good tips for me ? Which hardware do you recommed ? I will buy a Dell Poweredge 2950 III with 2 CPU's of 2,5Ghz and 8MB Ram. Is that good enough ?

    Please, all tips are welcome

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    If your going to stream videos and things of that nature your going to need a great deal of bandwidth and diskspace. I strongly suggest checking places like and I know FDC has great deals regarding bandwidth. Best of luck to you!
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    the bandwidth and the diskspace are no problem. I just want to hear more information about my hardware.

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    Totally depends on what you mean by "streaming".

    Just a few questions to clarify:

    What software do you plan on using (OS? Media server?) ?
    Are these "on-demand" videos, or some sort of constant stream (Is this a relay)?
    Will the server need to do any decoding/encoding?
    How heavy will the usage be (amount of traffic)?

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    I will do "broadcasting" and also "on demand" streaming.

    Software :
    Windows Server 2008 Standard with IIS Media and Windows Media Services 2008

    No I will encode it before I send it to the publishing point but I didn't know there is an option to encode it on the server ... is this possible in WMS ?

    Maximum 300 viewers

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