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    any thoughts on hostmds ?


    Has anyone had experience with hostmds ( ? I need to buy a dedicated server for hosting 2-3 high traffic web sites and probably a small email server. HostMDS' datacenter is located in Canada which suites my needs. Their prices are good enough , if not cheap... Your opinion is highly appreciated . Thank you.

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    I'd suggest doing a search, there's plenty of info on WHT about them.
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    I've never heard of the company or seen them around. I've been part of the web hosting industry for 4+ years so that should tell you something. You can do research on WHT but also look to Google. Best of luck!
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    Hello emergesync,

    Welcome to WHT!

    I cannot say I have ever heard of them either. Are they new on the scene? Course, that does not mean anything - they can still be a good company. I would do a GOOGLE seach first - see what is being said about them on the net. Also, do a quick check here at WHT.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out!
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    There have been some threads of them on WHT claiming to have a $10 "server". The search tool is your best friend. Here are some reviews of hem also,,, and

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    thank you for your response . i did some research on google and they seem to be a pretty reputable company . ..and yes i saw the "$10 server" - it's unbelievable i don't know how they are covering the expenses to keep these running...

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    Check this recent thread here if you have not noticed that yet. I hope it will help your search on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GCM View Post
    There have been some threads of them on WHT claiming to have a $10 "server". The search tool is your best friend. Here are some reviews of hem also,,, and
    It's not a 'server', it's an actual server. Sure, it might be a desktop computer, but other DC's are using desktop computers as well. (Tailor Made comes to mind.. my server with them was a Dell Optiplex desktop.) Or are you commenting on the fact that the server is a Pentium 3?

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