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    need help in changing code to lighthttpd htaccess from apache

    on my friend's vps, he has some serious trouble with users mis-using hot-linking feature, so he wants some restrictions to b set via htaccess

    He has given me a code which is used for htaccess in apache, but he wants this to work in lighthttpd, I am not sure if this would work in lighthttpd htaccess,

    this was the code given to me to b worked on:
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
    #allow hotlinking for thumbnails
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !_thumb
    #allowed website to hotlink  (don't forget to add your own site !!)
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?*$ [NC]
    #display no-hotlink.jpg instead of the requested image
    RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp|ico)$ [NC,R,L]
    can any one help me for getting this code re-written for lighthttpd version htaccess file and where to enter this code -- using hypervm/kloxo on his vps

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    hi is there any one who could help me in rewriting this code for lighthttpd interface from apache rewrite code

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    This isn't a direct replacement for what you have, but will do most of what you want:

    $HTTP["referer"] !~ "^(http://(.*)\.?domain\.com/)" {
            url.redirect = ( "(.jpg|.jpeg|.gif|.bmp|.png|.ico)" => "" )
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    express colo - thanks for the rewrite code, but ur code will block hotlinking to all images, my friend wants to block only full size images, he wants thumbnails to be visible in other sites

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    Just add a negative condition inside the referrer condition loop for "_thumb" in the URL.
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    hey watkins, I have no clue how to make commands for lighthttpd, apache is ok can be handled but not lighthttpd,
    and its not just 1 negative statement for thumbs but , its 1 more,,.. to allow 1 domain to hotlink full size images too.. thtz wat was my friend's need

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