We have just finished our software product and need a payment gateway provider to handle the order transactions.

The service must meet the following criteria:

1) Mainly focus on digital product sales.
2) Must have an API of such.
3) Multiple payment methods accepted.
4) A provider which when a user pays the payment goes into the gateway providers account and not mine. Then at the end of the month or whenever I request a funds transfer to my bank. This eliminates the problems with Paypal resolutions (if they offer PayPal), unorganized multiple payment accounts, chargebacks etc.

I have tried:
a) Regnow.com - nice support, very friendly and have good understanding on software, but no API.
b) Fastspring.com - no API.
c) Plimus.com - no API.
d) E-junkie.com - have to use your own Paypal, Google, etc accounts which defeats the purpose and you may as well cut out the middle man (them) if you were to ever do it that way. Also no API.
e) Digitalproductdelivery.com - same as e-junkie.
f) payloadz.com - Same as e-junkie although they do have an API.

I am considering ClickBank.com but I can't find their transaction fee's?

Any other suggestions?