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    Run benchmark for web server performance evaluation

    hi everyone,

    i need to simulate several number of users hitting my web server application in order to show the performance of my server and to show up where the bottlenecks are !

    I was checking Selenium either

    does anyone already worked with those application for benchmark ?
    do you have any idea how to perform such a test

    thx you very much, cheers

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    i add some more precision,

    the application is a flash widget on the server

    thank in advance !

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    You can download HP LoadRunner trial version

    You can download HP LoadRunner trial version and create a script to submit 100 of web request at same time.

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    ok this soft seems to be a good solution,

    anyway I need first to make a model for a user (simulate the requests for one typical user to the server - HTTP request).
    Does LoadRunner have any model of that kind ? is it possible to record HTTP requests for my typical use (by recording my browser's request) and build such a model for one user ?
    afterward i only need to simulate that model several times to stress my web server and measure the performance of it (bottlenecks, and so on...).

    I don't really know what this software is able to simulate.
    Thank you very much ! Best regards

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    It's a trial version. Load it up and see what it does. There is also documentation available.
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    There's also Apache Benchmark (ab) but it's kinda crappy and I believe it's not supported any more?
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    yeah it's just to know what kind of model this software has for the user, if it is possible to customize this one or not ?

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    ok i ve tested LoadRunner, pretty impressive in fact ! i ran a performance test only in a few hours for like thousands of users !
    Great, but it's not free and i cannot use this soft (much much expensive

    actually, i m checking OpenSTA which is an open source alternative to LoadRunner. Does anyone ever used this software ? Cause i ve got some trouble in launching a proper recording... Can you help pltz

    best regards ! thx

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