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    Complete Hosting Design, Unique, WHMCS, livechat


    I am offering for sell the design of

    I will include original PSD, all the files and full rights over the design.

    I will not include the logo, domain and name of the site.

    I am open to offers.

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    What is the asking price ?

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    I still don't have a BIN price i will put it depending on the interest of people.

    Right now i am just open to offers.
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    Oh let's see then what people think about it

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    Do you have an english version for this?

    willing to pay $50 if it has english

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    Sorry, $50.00 is to little.

    This is a working site, I think that if you have it you can customized to your needs and use the design.

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    Tell us your reserve price

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    I am interested in this also.

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    my bid is 150USD

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    I was looking for no less than $500, i did spend more on this site, also the design is unique PSD, the coding, the integration of the whmcs and the livechat.

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