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    Linux guy looking for side work

    Have some available time this summer and am offering my services.

    - Manage linux webservers with or without control panels
    - install/config centos servers with or without control panels
    - build custom php/mysql apps of ALL kinds big and small.
    - Install, config, modify those open source programs you like
    - Modify existing custom php/mysql programs
    - General webhosting help.

    Rate for piecemeal 20-50 bucks an hour depending on who you are and what you are doing.
    (example- non profit cat shelter 20 bucks, corporate site 50 bucks, big oil company website 1 billion... )

    Custom builds really depend on what needs to be build. Large projects are nice and are preferred.

    Local to south Florida.
    Send me a Private message and we'll talk.

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    I don't have PM privileges but I would appreciate it if you would email me.

    agrace ***@***

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