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    Top 10 Shared Hosting Providers - What are your thoughts?


    Hello. I am new to WHT and a grad student at University of Texas. My purpose for joining is to gain research for a thesis I am doing titled "Internet - Where it all begins?" My focus is on the hosting provider side of the industry considering it is a $19 Billion dollar industry.

    The research that I found has lead me many different directions. It seems there are many website that tell you who the Top 10 providers are within the industry, however they provide no background data on why. There are some sights that provide user reviews, however small sample data.

    This need for data brings me to you all. Who is the best shared hosting company? What makes them the best? Please help me gather this data by responding via this quick survey.

    Rate 1-5 (1 being low; 5 being high)

    Company Name:
    Company Website:

    Service Offerings (1-5)
    Pricing (1-5)
    Customer Service (1-5)
    Market Perception (1-5)
    Experience (1-5)
    Quality (1-5)

    It would be fantastic to have 100 responses to this survey, as that is the required sample data to use within my thesis. Any and all assistance is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    there are no "best" hosts - the top sites are mostly affiliate payout sites, pretty worthless

    what's best for me may be terrible for you and vice versa - it all depends on what you find best and how the host works with you and/or for you.

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    njoker555 - Thank you for the advice. There must be some consistency from one provider to the next. It seems that most of the shared hosting providers offer similar packages for space, control panel, bandwidth, support, and pricing. If you had to purchase a shared hosting package today, then who would you look at first?

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    Well, most of the top 10 that you'll be looking at will be the hosts who pay good sum of $$ for getting up in the list. However, as njoker mentioned, it all depends on your usage and it will be really difficult for you to come up with a list of say top 10 or top 20 hosts - the reason is simply that top 10 hosts differ from requirements to requirements. Hence, what I'd suggest you to do is to first gather different kind of requirements amongst customers and thereafter come up with top 10/20 hosts for each specific requirements. These requirements can be in terms of platform of hosting (Linux/Windows), type of hosting (shared/reseller/vps/dedicated), kind of hosting (website hosting/database hosting/email hosting/backup/all), etc. I believe, you will need to do quite a good amount of research and thereafter come up with your requirements after which you should be looking at customer inputs for their best host matching specific requirements. Fortunately, you are at the right place and you will get good amount of data/help from folks here.

    Good luck!

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    As numerous people have already mentioned it's going to be very tough to make a conclusive list. For instance you have some smaller companies that people are very happy with, but their customer base is not nearly as far reaching as the larger hosts. As a result it's going to be very difficult to get a consistent answer - especially on forums such as these where the small / medium sized hosts often have a decent following.

    Also things such as quality are merely perceptions and opinion. It's going to be difficult to gather enough hard data based on that criteria.

    Also depending on the size of the company the results would be skewed - for instance if a very small host has 10 clients, and those 10 clients are very pleased with all of the criteria offered they're going to stand out. While if you look at hosts such as HostGator or BlueHost where they're hosting millions of domains it's going to be more difficult - you may want to narrow your search to the top 20~ companies in terms of size rather than the whole market.
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    It would be fantastic to have 100 responses to this survey
    I'm afraid it would be quite fantastic indeed. If you need that many, you may have to do your own research using, or try to use data from sits like,, How accurate it will all be, would end up being an endless debate. I know it for a fact that on one of them, some of the reviews were planted by the host itself, so the defense systems of these sites (those that actually have such) are not perfect. Then again, what is perfect in this world?

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    Idcdc, CodyRo, and SoftsysHosting-Rick,

    Thank you for the feedback. I am running the same survey for dedicated hosting and finding similiar responses. I have reviewed,,, etc...

    These all have the same shared hosting providers which seem to pay out highly for referrals as mentioned above. Based on initial discovery on these sites listed it seems many are misleading and awful providers, but pay highly for a referral. These sites are no different than used car salesmen taking advantage of new users. Would you agree?

    Would it be helpful to have a site, which is truly agnostic to hosting providers, to narrow down the list based on company size, price, packages, user experience, past performance, facilities, etc?

    Idcdc - Your site is great, however I would like to gain a larger sample data to aid my research as well as share with the industry., help as well. Thank you for info.

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    Well I don’t think you need to look at how large a hosting company is. This is less important to what the hosting company can offer the customer the quality, support options and prices of the hosting company

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    I think that the price of hosting services should explained and the prospective customers must know what they pay for. There are companies that sell cheap, but don't use redundant network or even a SLA. Others are very stable in terms of network and facilities but their support is not that good.

    From my point of view the quality of customer service is crucial in our industry. The communication with customers must be well organized and automated. However a high level of automatization is not just about buying software. It depends of how any web host manages different processes.
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