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    Track Return Visitor Details?


    I currently run a site where most my visitors only visit my site once. But I believe I have one user who visits my site multiple times daily and basically causes trouble. Is it possible to track visitors who visit my site multiple times a day so I can track this person down?

    I have tried to use Google Analytics and, but they do not list people who visit multiple times. Web-stat got close, but not the exact details I wanted.

    How can I do this? Is there a service out there that does this?

    Thank You

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    A way to track recurring visitors is to use cookies. with a unique var per user, some user may change their IP like ADLS with dinamyc IP but the cookies remain on the computer(Navigator [Firefox, Iexplorer, Opera]) and with the correct use of the cookie u can track recurring visitors and make some functions.

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    You need some good log analyzer. They cost money but they give you very good analyze of all aspect of your site. Personally i like Web Log Storming.

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    Have you tried using AWStats? I am pretty sure it logs if they are returning visits.

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    No system is going to be perfect - if you track via IP address then if their IP changes it won't track properly and if you track via Cookie and they have cookies turned off or they clear them (or they use a different PC on the same IP) then it won't track properly.

    Using a combination of the two - IP+Cookie based tracking would give you the best chances but I'm not sure of any system that does it this way off the top of my head.
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    I think that the question is wrong. What kind of troubles causes this user. Do you mean that they take a lot of resources of your hosting plan or they do something on site as visitor?
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    I think Awstat might meet to your expectations. It is free software.
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    Talking statistics

    Quote Originally Posted by inspiron View Post
    I think Awstat might meet to your expectations. It is free software.
    Just what I was thinking awstats will give you good details of were they have come from what country, what search engine they have used to get to you, if they use one at all one and so on. My suggetion would be get a host with cpanel there loads of nice statistics stuff to tell you were your visitors are coming from and how many.

    Hope this helps...

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, but are these compatible with Dreamhost?

    And how do I install these, is there a simple log analyzer I can install by just putting the script in my html?

    Thank You

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