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    Question jquery: script doesn't run on ajax loaded page

    i have placed the custom js script in the ajax loaded page, say park.html

    however, when i load it via .tabs(),

    the custom js script will not run.

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    Do you see any error messages in the Javascript console? It's hard to say what the problem is given the information you've provided - there could be lots of things causing it to not function correctly. If you can post the a simple version of the HTML and Javascript code you're using, you're much more likely to get a helpful response from someone here.

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    Got a link? Can't diagnose anything without seeing ALL the code.

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    you will getting the JS error, so first you check the error console in your firebox browser..please check it and let me know..

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    You're talking about embedding a <script> block in HTML content that you're pulling directly through Ajax, right? Firefox won't evaluate those blocks if they're in Ajax-provided HTML. Some other browsers will.

    Your approach is mostly going to depend on whether the app/browser knows ahead of time what it wants to do (client-side), or whether the server can provide unexpected functionality (server-side). Most of the time I'm working with pluggable PHP apps, so 'tabs' could show up in my app for any reason from any plugin -- and I can't know ahead of time what their scripting needs are.

    If my needs are simple, I use "onclick" in the dynamic HTML, or I do the post-Ajax binding with jQuery. If my needs are complex (adding context-sensitive scripts) then I'll do something like providing the HTML and JS wrapped in a single JSON response. You can 'DIV.innerHTML' the HTML and eval() (or otherwise handle) the JS.
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