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    WHMCS no longer imports emails to ticket system


    I switched my reseller account to a new host yesterday and I had everything imported to the new server. The issue that I am having is that WHMCS is no longer importing emails for support ticket creation. It still is removing the emails from the mail server, and sending a response back to the sender saying a ticket was created. But no new tickets are visible are in the system, so basically i'm loosing all the emails. Also, the email that sender receives has a link to a ticket that was supposedly created, but when clicked they receive this error: "An error occurred. The requested ticket could not be found." Can anyone help me, or has anyone had a similar issue?

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    If you look in the tickets table directly within MySQL can you see the tickets? Do you have permission to view the ticket queue?

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    I have access to view the queue, but I had not looked at the MySQL tables yet.

    When I try to view any of the tables in phpMyAdmin I get his error:
    "#23 - Out of resources when opening file '/tmp/#sql_60be_0.MYD' (Errcode: 24) "

    Could my database have been corrupted during transfer?

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    do you have root access? whats the contents of the my.cnf?

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    Actually, I feel a little dumb right now. When my account was transferred the backup must have been corrupt. I restored a database backup form a few days ago and all is working now. Thanks for you help and your quick replies, I wouldn't have though to check the database since everything else was working

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    Ok, I thought I had it fixed, but it is still not importing new tickets. I looked in the tickets table and none of the tickets are being created, the cron output says that no tickets are being imported, yet it still replies to the sender and even assigns a ticket number to them.

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