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    * Cap and Trade Special

    With the advent of Carbon Cap and Trade laws it has become increasingly important for companies to select a data center that gives them a carbon advantage over their competitors. Choosing the right data center now involves more than reviewing their power and HVAC redundancies, security and upstreams. It now means looking at their source of power and how efficiently that power is used as well.

    Introducing the fifty-fold advantage. If your competition is hosting in a typical data center in North America then all, or a majority, of the power for their servers is coming from coal fired generation, the absolute dirtiest form of power generation. GigaCenter, RackForce's latest data center is designed to be North America's most efficient data center. Powered by clean hydro electric power from the Columbia River and using advanced cooling and power management systems, it has 1/50th , or better, the CO2 footprint of coal powered data centers.

    Here are just a few of the features:

    • Private self-contained Gigavaults for 12 or more racks. Magnetic card and biometric access controlled. see
    • ultra efficient in-row cooling
    • ultra high power density, up to 30Kva per rack
    • Hot aisle/Cold Aisle containment
    • 51u Racks - top 9u separately locked for RackForce use (PDUs etc.) so you can use the full 42u for greater power density, lower sq. ft. costs and a better CO2 footprint.
    • 10Gbps connection to Seattle's SIX (~5ms from GigaCenter)
    • Fully redundant network, HVAC and, N+1 and 2N+1 power
    • 42u includes 2.88Kva (120x30A circuit additional power $0.39/VA for N+1 or $0.55 for 2N+1), includes ePDU, starting at $1450/mo

    GigaCenter's minimum colocation order is a 42u rack. Sign before September 1, 2009 and we will waive the setup fees. Space is going fast so book now and get a fifty fold advantage over your competition. Call +1(866) 468-1158 in the US or Canada or +1 (250) 7171-2340 and ask to speak to sales.
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