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    Our New Prices / Features

    Hey Guys,

    A month ago, I asked you to review our site, and give me your feedback on our pricing. Basically the feedback we recieved was:

    "not bad, a bit pricey ,but if you provide good support it is worth it". Well the problem is existing customers were very happy for us, but we had trouble attracting new customers by the hundreds (Maybe its just a dream hoping to signup 50 new customers a day).

    Any how, our new prices can be seen at

    If you guys have any more feedback, I would greatly appreciate that.
    Walter Landman
    Simplicato - Email Hosting

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    Not sure if your post is in the right forum - but 50 customers a day may be too high a target - isn't that 15,000 in one year? Looking at other companies, 1000 in a year may be a far more realistic target - yet still a little high.

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    Well I figured this forum was Website Reviews. Where do you think this woudl be better posted?

    15000 a year? Yeah I guess your right that is a bit much..

    100 a month would not be bad for us either.
    Walter Landman
    Simplicato - Email Hosting

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    I meant in case your post was construed as advertising, rather than anything else.

    100 a month? Maybe still a little high - but anyway...targets are supposed to act as a drive, rather than an end in themselves.

    Here's a tip - customer referrals. Something on the lines off...customer recommends service to a friend, friend joins up mentioning customer name...customer gets a free month of hosting.

    Affiliates - without spamming politely ask your current customer base would like an affiliate link anywhere on their sites - link has tracker code so that every sign up through that link = a few dollars direct to the customer's account. No big banners - let the customers decide what they would like the link to be like. That way, you'll help make them feel more empowered. And there is no better base for promotions than your own customers.

    Try those, but don't worry about sales targets. Relaxed/passive marketing is more convincing than aggressive/hard sell marketing.

    And be patient - once your reputation is established, the river runs wider.

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    While we do use Web Hosting Talk for advertising (rarely), mostly we use it to get our name out. Here is what most webhosting talk clients want..

    1 GB Storage
    400 GB Transfer
    $10 a month

    We can't do that, but we can get our name out, and even if they wont buy immediately, we hope that they will know our name. That's all we could hope for.
    Walter Landman
    Simplicato - Email Hosting

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    That ":-)" logo is actually a copyrighted mark of a company. Just so you know.
    Kaumil P.

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    Webhostingtalk clients mainly want those stats? Nah...that's taking the pee. 400 gig transfer for $10 a month? Never. Not realistically.

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    The :-) logo is copyrighted LOL? We even paid money for that image on the right there of the woman (even though many places just use it out right).

    Who owns the :-) logo ?
    Walter Landman
    Simplicato - Email Hosting

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