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    What should I learn for remote server admin ?

    Guys, my another dump question,

    I am a network security student. and CCNA qualified. but I need to learn the things related to the hosting server. there are no subjects about this, and I search for some tutorials. but cudnt understand this firm technical terms. so I like to ask it here.

    More ppl looking for a remote admin for their server administration.
    I would like do that kind of jobs.
    so what are the things that I need to learn specially for Dedicated / semi dedicated / VHS server administration ?

    I have experience in Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS using as a desktop server management. not with web server

    and I read some tutorials, they open the mysql configuration ( add edit and other sql query works ) in a command prompt, they wrote all tutorial in command prompt version. but I could not find any shortcut or icons in cpanel to open my sql in a command prompt ?
    how can I get it?

    Thanks in advance guys

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    You need to SSH to the server using a client such a PuTTy. If you're using a Desktop release (like KDE or Gnome) there won't really be any shortcuts as such and in this instance just open a terminal window and do it from there.

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    thanks for your reply bro.

    I mean I have practicing on desktop Linux servers.

    and I need to know how to connect the web server ( shared / reseller / dedicated ) mysql via command prompt ?

    thanks in advance bro.

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    He already told you how:

    You need to SSH to the server using a client such a PuTTy.
    Once you do that, you should be able to follow the typical instructions on how to use mysql on your remote server.

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    My suggestion would be to colocate a server at the nearest datacenter and offer free hosting to people (friends, family) without the aid of a control panel.

    After doing that for some time, you should have no problem administrating any web daemon.

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    Read this link aneslin85:

    Has ALL your answers.

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