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    * fixed background with CSS questions


    I am having a few problems and would really like to know if there is an answer to them please/

    1)How to have a fixed background is CSS that resize itself with different resolutions?

    My customers will upload some picture in their account, those pictures will then show in their personal page(band page), if there is no way to get a picture to resize in function of the screen resolution, what else can they do? A bit like in myspace, musicians always upload their own backgrounds..

    I have heard it was possible to resize the background pictures via javascript, is it right?

    Is anyone there pretty good in CSS or javascript with a piece of useful code?

    Many Thanks,


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    Ok I was thinking about something:
    The main problem is that my background positioning changes when the screen resolution changes aswell, if there a piece of code that could detect the screen resolution of the user and then give out the right CCS code with different background image positioning?

    Thanks guys,


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    This can be done with help of javascript. I found this answer for you:
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    It can be done using Positioning in CSS.
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