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    Angry File Not Associated with any Program Error!

    Going crazy here!

    I just updated my style.css file. When I saved it (same way I always do) the icon for the file doesn't have the little 'wheel' on it. None of my files do anymore.

    When I try to open it from my computer, it's OK. When I try to open it in Filezilla, all I get is an error message saying the file is not associated with any program on my computer.

    Need help fast. Please.

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    you should be able to right click that file name in Explorer (assuming Windows) and tell it what program to associate with that file type.
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    I have done this. I'm having it open with NotePad. But the files still won't open in Filezilla. And...there are no 'wheels' or 'gears' on the file icon. ??
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    Bump...please help. I've tried everything and still can't get the .css file to work on Filezilla. I'm very worried that if I even try to upload to my server, they won't work properly and I'll mess up my site.

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    Download unlocker and kill it.

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    What exactly am I going to kill (?) by following this link? Can you explain what this means?


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    Your going to kill the process so that you can change that file.

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    Make you go to file editing in settings of filezilla, and make sure its setup correctly.

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