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    [For hire] Support Job.

    Hello, I'm looking for some kind of support job for an host company, I do not have a lot of skills around but I learn easy. (i have used cPanel and WHM in personal uses.)
    I'm around my computer about 12 hours aday during summer and weekends when school starts, when it's school days I'm on about 6 hours a day. I'm up for live support or ticket support, I can also assist in Swedish(can understand Norwegian abit). Since I never had a support job and don't have much skills, I do not think i will get much per day/ticket or whatever. I do this stuff since I'm bored sitting around on my computer doing nothing, so it's more like an hobby.
    Just PM me or tell me your msn/email here.

    Thanks, Andreas

    EDIT: I'm GMT+1, Sweden.

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