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    80+ Yahoo Expired Domains list

    I've compiled a list 80+ expired domains that are still listed in yahoo and are ALL available for registration RIGHT NOW!

    You can download this list for a 1 time fee of $5.

    Each domain in the list will also include its Title, Position, and category. an example:
    Title......... Gibbons, Stephen
    Position...... 24

    This is an actual name from the list...check it for yourself..

    To download the list, send $5 to [email protected] via paypal. once payment is recieved, i'll send you the download instruction.


    UPDATE: List now contains 100+ available yahoo expired domains
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    Is that your own compilation or merely passing on a copy of well-known lists?

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    its my own compilation. this is a list from the service that i run at my site (

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