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    Every site must go!

    I'm in the process of selling off every single one of my sites in order to focus on other areas.

    My large sites are either being sold privately or through SP but I'm selling my small sites here!

    The sites are:

    I'm Expired Premium Daily Drop Lists (Regged at iDotz - Free push to your account)

    A great expired domain subscription site. Uses the Advanced Wordpress Membership Plugin plugin ($44.95) which manages all aspects of the site. This license is included and will be transferred to you.

    Logo etc is unique. PSD is also included. Currently there no subscriptions.

    Price: $75

    Against Scammers - Against Scammers! (GODaddy)

    A great custom coded scam report site. Users can sign up and post their experiences with shady businesses and people. Full unique code and design.

    Price: $40

    Instant Messaging Avatars - Avatars for Instant Messaging -

    Powered by coppermine


    Instant Messaging Smilies -

    Comes with a smilie script license $20

    Instant Messaging Sigs -

    Great email signature generator site $15

    /b/ Images - /b/ Images 4chan funny image site (GoDaddy)

    Funny image site based around 4chan


    Easy Auctions - Easy Auctions - Auction Templates (GoDaddy)

    Great ebay template site


    Payments can be made via PayPal
    All sites can be transferred to your server for free
    Discounts will be given on multiple purchases

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    Do any of these sites get traffic?

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    I'm expired has traffic - the rest have just been sitting on my server.

    Both have been sold via PM

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    Against Scammers also sold

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