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    any feedback on Shubh web hosting?

    I'm shopping for a new host and got an offer from Shubh Web Hosting that seems really cheap. They offer everything I need but the low prices worries me.

    Any feedback appreciated.

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    Never heard of them, but your gut feeling might be a good feeling - that is a lot of bandwidth and disk space for the price.

    Also, they only seem to offer a yearly package, so if you don't like them in a month, you're out that much money.

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    I agree to Darph Bobo 24 gigs for $48/year is too cheap. They have 10 days money back, so I guess it would be no harm trying. Kepp us posted on your progress with them. Anyway, Good luck

    P.S. Read this before you make a decision: - Under # 5

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    4.00 a month????
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    Originally posted by HostSector
    P.S. Read this before you make a decision: - Under # 5
    Hmmm, surely the administrative fee would only be $50 for their inconvenience and not the "up to 150" as stated, right?
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    thanks for pointing that out. I don't think I'm feeling that brave or cheap, I'll look for something more reasonable.

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