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    * how to fix this problem causing cpu exceeded error?

    Now I'm looking at our last cpu_exceeded_logs file and there is long list point to "/ramdisk/bin/php5" which I don't know much about it or don't know how to deal with that. would you please tell what exactly it means and what should I do to avoid it?

    Example of my last cpu_exceeded_logs file:

    Mon Jul 6 00:34:50 2009: used 0.77 seconds of cpu time for /ramdisk/bin/php5
    Mon Jul 6 00:34:50 2009: used 0.50 seconds of cpu time for /ramdisk/bin/php5
    Mon Jul 6 00:34:50 2009: used 0.80 seconds of cpu time for /ramdisk/bin/php5
    Mon Jul 6 00:34:50 2009: used 0.55 seconds of cpu time for /ramdisk/bin/php5
    I can't find the cause of problem when look at /ramdisk/bin/php5. What should I do?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It is your PHP scripts taking more CPU.

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    I use WordPress and I think it's optimized enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvercover View Post
    I use WordPress and I think it's optimized enough!
    WP is anything BUT optimized. What plugins do you have enabled?
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    My Plug-ins:

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    * im having same issue

    im having same issue but i dont know how to run all those dianoses and my host was a free one till i upgraded it,i get

    CPU Quota Exceeded

    The requested page cannot be displayed because the CPU quota for this Web hosting account has reached its temporary maximum limit.

    i contacted my host bout it and they said that It means that the way i have structured my site is causing the CPU to overload.

    i will need to find out why it is overloading the CPU so it does keep shutting down. It will return to normal automatically.

    they turned it back on early so i can get it straightened out.

    but then i told em i think mysql is causing it but then the y told me to google the problem,thats what programmers do. so i did and found this forum.

    can anyone help me,i am using joomla 2.5 running mysql if that helps any

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