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    Automated Backup solution for blogs?

    Hi All,
    I am looking small backup space(less 100mb) for a wordpress blog. requirements:

    • Automated, synced for fixed period of time
    • Reliable: It has to be dependable
    • Easy Integration with worpress

    I looked at backup services from but I feel it would be overkill since package start from 10GB minimum. Currently I am looking at Mosso's cloud files or Amazon S3. not sure how easy it would be to integrate them with wordpress.

    Can you suggest a few backups service which suits my needs?

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    I have just setup S3 last week for my personal smal blog. There is a plugin to backup all your site data to S3 which works quite well. Currently it backups around 17MB per day - so far there is no charge noted on Amazon - i guess its way to less to cahrge for. Eventually your lucky and will never be charged because you stay below 100MB.
    I guess that would be worth to try

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    Okay, I signed up with Amazon S3 based on your advice. can you tell me how to proceed further?

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    Take a look at the "Amazon S3 for WordPress" plugin on the WP plugin directory.

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