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    Never Happy With Site Design

    I feel cursed with the idea of running a hosting business, right now i break even if not pull in a little profit, my whole deal is i am not bringing in new customers because I am always redesigning my site. Should i just say screw it and use a template rather than bash my head against the wall always wanting a new look for the site when in truth I should just be getting the information to potential customers quick?

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    I want to redesign my site too.
    But the design of the site is not so important if it's easy to use.

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    You really should find a design that you are happy with, and that other people (ask around) are happy with, and then stop there. Even if you get bored of it, keep it (at least for a couple of years) - don't just keep re-designing it.

    The information on the site, and showing you are a stable host, are most important than constantly changing the site and all. It'd just confuse potential customers
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    Well I would redesign it when the design isn’t nice to see, easy to find pages, easy to look at hosting packages etc.

    The customer will also look at the template do you have a very crappy one it will probably go to another hosting. Unless there are enough positive reviews about the hosting. So putting a good design on it is important.

    Changing it every month is deadly...

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    i was exactly the same changing it all the time, and never had any new customers, but now i havet changed it for a verylong time, and have new clients signing up

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    If you are like me, I go back and forth to a hosting website multiple times before buying there services, and if it changes multiple times I would lose full trust in that company.

    Thats just me
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    Designs are hard to find a decent one that you and also your clients are happy with.

    They are very important when it comes to client perception, simply someone isn't going to pay a premium price for services from a company with a shabby looking site.

    Sure they might by cheap services but they are normally few sales and very cautious customers.

    So spend some time doing your design and make sure that your 100% happy with it before opening your new site to the clients.

    You will most likely also have to "invest" some money to get a design your happy with, make sure you use people you trust and have seen past work! very important.

    Best of Luck!
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    thanks for the reply's yea, the thing is that I am never happy with the designs, I have paid for some previously and tried making my own. I just can't seem to find one I am happy with...

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    I just can't seem to find one I am happy with...
    I think that you're over analyzing things. Plenty of hosts do just fine with a simple site, and many have started by using simple, even quite common templates. Their service was their real focus, and that served them well.

    Just make sure that the information a customer would be looking for is there, and easily accessible.

    Changing your design over and over again makes potential and even current customers lose touch with you. They lose that "this place is familiar" feeling.

    Some of the biggest hosts around haven't really changed their site's design in a significant way for years, if not from the very start. Small edits here and there, improving/updating images according to recent trends, but otherwise the site is as it used to be. Maybe there's a reason for that.

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    Invite some people to see your design and get a feedback from them. If they feel its FINE then just forget about it and start concentrating on business model.

    If they too feel its something you should change then you can get it designed by an expert.
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    We redesigned our site, it cost us near $5000 but it has paid for itself.

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    You need to think of it this way, you run an online business, your website is WHO YOU ARE.

    It's your first impression, make it a good one. If you cannot find a place to create your website to your needs, you shouldn't be paying them to do it.

    Have consumers critique it, friends, family, etc. They are the ones that will be using it/navigating through it.

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    Web Design is interesting...

    Having been a web designer for a long time, I run into a paradox all the time.

    "Webmasters" always seem to want a design that THEY like, and never, ever, consider what their CUSTOMERS would like.

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    There are many online templates some are free and some cost
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    I would strongly advise AGAINST using templates, your company should have its unique identity and should not be based on a shared template. Look at the design offers section, there are plenty of designs and designers available. $5000 is a bit high for a design, but web-rocket's site does look very professional, but I am sure you will be able to get a very nice layout coded for under $500. I have heard good things about PaytonDesigns, so maybe you should check them out.

    A few years back when I co-owned another hosting company, we switched our design 3-4 times, but we decided due to sales statistics that the layout that was simplest and most user-friendly was the most successful look out of all the different layouts. We had layouts ranging from template monster flash templates, to custom special effects oriented designs. The layout that worked best for us was a simple two-coloured site that was easy on the eyes and really easy to find stuff. But again, I would NOT recommend using a template as I believe each company's identity should be unique.

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    Hah! You ever hear the saying the grass is greener on the other side?

    I think this applies here really well.

    When I have my sites designed, at first I'm like MAN THIS IS FREAKINNG AWESOME!! But as time goes by and I see it more and more, I start to like it less and less. Before you know it, 6 months has gone by and I am already looking for a new web design.

    I hate to break it to you, but it doesn't really matter how COOL your website looks. Simply changing your design is not going to give you a huge change in the amount of people you sign.

    Take a look at this website:

    Probably one of the worst web designs ever right? Well this guy sold out every single one of his $2000 courses in a single day bringing him something like $50 million dollars that day.

    Think about that - $50 million without a web design. That should give you an idea as to what you need to do.

    Instead of investing on a new web design every month, why dont you invest it in advertising your services instead? I guarantee you will see much better results that way.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbbrock1 View Post
    Well this guy sold out every single one of his $2000 courses in a single day bringing him something like $50 million dollars that day.
    You do not honestly believe that... do you?

    Anyway, a little more on topic: A good webdesign will definately help sell online services. By good design I mean not only pleasing to look at - but just as importantly a design with good usability and information placement/presentation. It's definately something worth putting some time, money and effort into - but you should also keep in mind that your graphical profile is to some extent part of your brand and image outwards. Doing significant changes too frequently may send the wrong signals (it does not reflect stability and confidence), and can make it more difficult for people to recognise your site/brand in the future. If you have done your job right in the first place, changing this around all the time should not be necessary anyway. The basis of a good design should last at least a year or two, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoel View Post
    You do not honestly believe that... do you?

    Yes. $50 mil was an exaggeration but the figures are up there. Frank Kern is known for his multi million dollar launch days. He makes more in a single day than most hosts here will make their entire lifetime.

    Granted, when his launches sell out in the first day he has done a crap load of pre-launch marketing to build up his list.
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    Don't go to crazy of a design. Stick with one. The 1st design and start working on content and getting customers. !

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    Design is only secondary. Its how you are able to sell a value that your intended target customers would sign up with you. Some web hosting companies may not even need a website to sell web hosting, i.e. word of mouth, offline sales, etc.
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    For technically oriented users it is important that the site works. If something blows up, they won't blame themselves, they'll curse your incompetence. Mainstream users think that they did something wrong, but savvy users have no doubt that it should not have blown up.

    Technical types also tend to be graphically challenged. Our site has been called butt ugly on blogs in several different ways. But, it usually includes the word "ugly".

    Then again, someone wrote: "Be warned, the site is stuck in the 90's but the backend processing is awesome!" I kid you not, that is exactly what he posted.

    So, make it right, even if it's not pretty.

    It's a principle of user interface design that there should the user should never be surprised by the consequences of their actions. It never said it has to be pretty or blingy.
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    I truly believe that web design plays an important part in internet business. It must at least capture people's attention then only people will want to browse through your webpage. But of course there are also other factors which will contribute to the business as well.

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