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    Willing to pay designer to simply update Header

    Hello, I have posted a similar topic in the employer section with no response and I cannot find the topic anymore. I edited a CSS based template and only need someone to create a nice logo and a little design for the header. Please send me a private message if interested along with your portfolio so we can discuss price. Thanks

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    Should be in the employment or design requests section. If your post got deleted, try talking to the mods or it could have had information that wasn't allowed??

    I don't think designers have the option to put bids on these forums.

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    Weird, back in the day when I made such a topic I was attacked by 100 designers wanting to help. Where is everyone?

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    Messege sent!

    Im sure you will find many people interested in this project friend, thanks!
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    Thanks JNadolski, do you have a portfolio?

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    Pm sent
    thank you
    Jeremy Shepherd
    Illustration and Website Design

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    Would this job still be available?

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    I do not believe so, I may keep the design how it looks now and if visitors complain about the design I then may pay to have the header changed.

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    If the header does need changed, just post here and i'll get back in contact with you

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