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    Is it safe to remove all of /tmp?

    My /tmp on my cPanel hosting server is nearly full, and I was wondering if it is safe to remove all the contents in /tmp, if not, what can I delete to clear up the space?

    Thank you!

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    Lol no you're not going to want to delete everything in your tmp folder. You need to keep things such as mysql.sock and aquota.user/quota.user.

    Do the followingin SSH to see what is so big and then more then likely it will be safe to delete that.

    cd /tmp
    ls -lh
    Do you have eaccelerator installed or something? If you do, I've noticed eaccelerator seems to not clear its cache from the tmp folder and just seems to leave it there. You can create a crontab to empty the eaccelerator folder if your tmp folder fills up often and it is because of this.

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    You can remove the session files from /tmp.

    Find files with ownership nobody and delete them.

    Thank you

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    Yes, you can delete the sess files from the /tmp folder by using,

    # cd /tmp

    # rm -rf sess_*

    but before using this command, make sure that you are in the /tmp directory.
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    Nothing in tmp should ever be permanent so theoretically it is safe yes.

    Tmp shouldn't have or need a quota set up as it is entirely too small for it

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    Thanks guys! Removing the session files worked like a charm!

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    You may need to use a command called tmpwatch which removes files which haven’t been accessed for a period of time. Normally, it’s used to clean up directories which are used for temporary holding space such as /tmp.

    Following code will remove all files/dirs from /tmp if they are not accessed in last 2 weeks (24 * 14 days = 336)

    tmpwatch --mtime --all 336 /tmp
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