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    Question trademark domain name

    are there any registrars that offer a domain name trademarking service? if not, which is the best online domain name trademarking service to use?

    And if i am from outside the USA, and i want to buy a .com domain name, can i trademark the domain name in the USA even though i live outside the usa and i am not a us citizen?

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    Yes, a few registars do offer trademark and brand protection services. A few common ones here in the US are MarkMonitor and the Corporation Service Company.

    Yes, you can apply for a trademark if you don't reside in the United States. However, you will be required to have a representative located in the US.

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    Yes, there are few registrars providing this type of services. You can search them in google.
    You can still trademark the domain name if you are not living in the USA

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