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    WHMCS support ticket reply issue?

    Hi all,

    I'm having a weird issue. All of a sudden today, we are unable to post a reply to support tickets. It marks the ticket as answered but in fact no reply was made.

    Any ideas why this is or how to fix? (Haven't gotten a reply back yet from whmcs staff so asking here instead)


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    Is it simply just changing the status and not even posting a blank reply?

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    Looks like some sort of permission or database issue. Try to repair the database and see if it works.
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    Yep, it just changes the status and doesn't post any reply.

    I tried repairing the db, no luck.

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    Have you tried using the DB Cleanup utility from the admin panel? Just a guess.
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    Hi Andy,

    Out of curiosity would this be what's responsible for the less-than-stellar response to my wife's ticket #369244?

    I was starting to lose faith in you guys.
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    We had a similar issue, it was due to the permissions on templates_C directory, make sure that WHMCS can write to the directory.

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