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    ResellerClub Unlimited Hosting Plans

    I see RC have now launched unlimited bandwagon.

    Does anyone have any experience of their hosting in general ?

    I use them for domains but not sure about hosting cause I just do private business client hosting.

    Just wondered if anyone had any experience with them.

    No doubt I've posted this in the wrong section.

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    I don't like their domain control panel (I've learned it, but I don't like it) so I don't know that I'd even want to try their hosting even if it got rave reviews...

    LogicBoxes ... uggh.
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    Agreed with Mike. I moved away from ResellerClub because my partner and I just couldn't bare their LogicBoxes. Everything just seemed so messy and difficult to find. Even though we eventually learned how to navigate through it and learned where to access certain things, it was simply too difficult and inefficient to us.

    Personally I have never tried their hosting nor have I resold their hosting to any of our clients. We've used their domain service which was "OK" but only due to their LogicBoxes. Their support is not bad either, I'd say their response times and live support are pretty helpful at times. However, seeing yet another large company offering "unlimited" resources just scares me a little. I'd be weary.

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    I think the features they offer for that kind of a pricing is Justified. There are many other more crappy hosts out there that charge much more for limited features

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    I personally would not use a host offering unlimited space remember most hardrives on a servers are only 250gb so how could it be unlimited and they will have other customers on there. Read the tos before you buy.

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    Frankly I dont see a problem with unlimited hosting offerings. Offering 5 - 10 GB of webspace is also over selling to most customers on shared servers and similar bandwidth. If it has to be a marketing gimmick then so be it.
    Overselling is overselling be it limited or unlimited.

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    I won't mind trying it out if they have a better control panel for it. The demo proves that it totally suck.
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    Unlimited hosting it's not reliable dont trust it

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    I'm a little late to this thread, but figured I'd post some experiences with ResellerClub hosting for others who might be looking.

    We used to provide Windows hosting internally, but once Helm was purchased by Parallels we decided we weren't happy with any of the available Windows control panels, so we stopped offering Windows hosting.

    Recently, however, we've had a few long term customers needing Windows hosting for various reasons, so we decided to see how ResellerClub's Windows hosting would work for them.

    I know the control panel is not the greatest, but as long as it works, so what?

    However, the service has been very disappointing. Servers are going down constantly.

    I got so frustrated with it that I started a chat to ask them about whether they have any sort of uptime guarantee. It went like this:

    Justin: Hello. How may I assist you?
    Troy: Do you guys have any sort of uptime guarantee?
    Troy: For hosting?
    Justin: We have 99 % uptime..
    Troy: What happens if you don't meet that guarantee?
    Justin: 1 % is for some hardware changes. Or any maintenance work.
    Justin: There is nothing that happens.
    Justin: Do you have any issue with the hosting package. Kindly let me know about t.
    Troy: So if you fail to deliver 99% uptime, you don't do anything for the customer?
    Justin: ?
    Justin: This is a normal statement used by most in the industry.
    Troy: So you don't really guarantee it then. We've been having major problems with [website removed] going down a lot.
    Justin: Most are aware of the technological backend system that enables this..
    Justin: As I said we give you 99 % guarantee regarding the site being up and working all the time.
    Justin: We only have 1 % for ourself.
    Troy: But what happens when you don't meet that guarantee??? You aren't meeting it for [website removed].
    Justin: If you ask me what happens, then I have to say : You report the issue to us. We get that sorted for you.
    Troy: Well, you're not really answering the question. If you have a 99% uptime guarantee, but a server goes down frequently, such that a site's uptime is less than 99%, then your guarantee is useless unless you somehow compensate the customer.
    Justin: Well Troy, no host gives you a guarantee.
    Justin: We try to keep the servers running all the time. '
    Justin: During the course there are issues that we can face.
    Justin: During that time there is nothing else but to wait so that the issue is resolved.
    You'll see in the above conversation that Justin claims they have a 99% guarantee, but later says that no host gives you a guarantee?? If they don't meet there guarantee there is no recourse for the customer. I don't understand how a company can guarantee something when they don't care if they don't meet their own guarantee.

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    I use them for domains and it's been very good overall. But for hosting, I'll give them a miss, even if they are pretty cheap.

    Last thing I need or want are complaints.

    Life's what you make it.

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