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    Very interesting,i did a single card reading and it was quite accurate!

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    Not a great fan of Tarot, but the site has plenty of other 'interesting stuff'
    I was pleasantly surprised.
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    >,< Didn't think people actually believed in that stuff.
    Sites worth a gander though
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    I dont really understand what all the cards mean!!

    I have my own deck but i dont really ever use them... However the 2 readings i have done since i found this site i know exactly what the cards meant....

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    I would have no idea what to even do at this web site. :| Beyond my knowledge!

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    Very interesting as always The Dude, thankyou for creating this thread. I performed a single and a 3 card reading and both were quite accurate.
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    I just did a single card reading again and all i can think about what i got is: I dont know if I can help OTHERS OVERCOME THINGS!! (Especially when they call me crazy,wont listen to me,etc) makes ya wanna turn and forget about them and just deal with those WHO ARE AWAKE!! (Its very hard)

    Quite accurate for what I was thinking!!

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