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    Inquire about Servers

    Good night
    I would like to inquire about the company
    I want to use Linux VPS Server
    Is the performance of servers and have a good working without interruption
    I do not want to risk that I know about the level of service
    Thank you

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    They seem to be a budget provider for VPS, I'd try to do some thorough research especially using the WHT search function and send them over some sales emails.

    Good luck!
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    Personally I have never heard much about them, but posts on the forum look good so don't think you would have any problems with them.
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    I had 2 VPSes with them before, I was a customer for about 3 month. One day I couldn't access either of my VPS or the site, there was no email that there would be scheduled downtime - This lasted atleast a day. Once everything was back online I sent in a support ticket and they claimed the datacenter took everything offline to upgrade the network.

    Surely the datacenter notified, who should of then notified us.

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    Thank you
    Waiting for other responses

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    up .

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