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    Looking to start selling webhosting. Resellerclub?

    I run a specialised hosting company and have found a few of my clients asking for webhosting which I have had to send to other hosting companies. What I am looking to do is offer some basic hosting and am aware the market is very competitive so I am unlikely to make the returns if I setup my own system and maintain it.

    I do not want to pay XX monthly for reseller services. After my initial research I am coming to the conclusion that Reseller Club is the best choice because of their deposit system. The 199USD initial deposit does seem allot to leave just sitting in an account but i understand it is refundable. Their service pricing seems very competitive and seem relatively stable company.

    My questions are:
    Are there any other reseller hosting providers that offer a similar deposit scheme I should look at?
    Are there better offers from their resellers or would this be unwise for support etc?

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    Have you considered just going the affiliate route?

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    I'm sure many hosts can offer you a similar program of a deposit system. If you are tried to avoid losing money though, you may just be best going with an affiliate program - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    there are others but with a system like that, your costs will rise after a certain point - if you get a reseller with let's say WHM/cPanel then you can sell as many packages as you'd like for a certain dollar amount per month whereas with a system like you are talking about, you'd have to deposit more money when you need more accounts created.

    otherwise you could just try out reseller club, they have a pretty stable system as you've stated - I can't think of any other similar set up companies off the top of my head right now.

    edit: enom has that too I belive.

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    Their plans are not so competitive. I think Resellers Panel would suit most your needs.
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    I always belived that Registrars can never be good hosts. But I have found Resellerclub hosting pretty decent. The good thing about them is the automation which cpanel/whm will not provide. Obviously WHM/cpanel provides a lot more functionalities but if you care about automation more than Resellerclub is ideal. They have recently launched unlimited web and email hosting @ $2.49 which is very competitive pricing in my opinion.

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    ResellerClub is good and stable and with the deposit system then i think you have nothing to lose.
    Their price is very competitive also and have good supports.
    You can find other user's reviews about them and make decision from there.

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    A lot of people say that their interface is very difficult to use and I'm going to have to agree. Have you tried out their interface and control panel? I would suggest you take a tour of it to see if you'll be able to use it efficiently first or it will cause you some headaches.

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    If your customers do not have huge requirements, you can begin by purchasing a reseller plan and over a period of time it should be profitable. With the deposit system, your money is blocked anyways, so the goal should be to sell to cover costs in any business

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