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    Hi there!

    I have a friend who suggested I come register here and give a review of my current host. This is a long read, but at the end, you'll understand why I felt obliged to come and review them here.

    I started off with which is a sister company of a few years ago. is a game server rental company. After a few months, I needed a dedicated server to host all my game servers. Back then, I didn't know squat about websites, design, hosting etc.

    As time went by, I started to get involved with website design, using mainly open source CMS to learn how it all works and also teaching myself PHP coding and mySQL integration. I had no idea how the whole hosting process worked.

    I then called again and asked if they could supply me with a small server to host a few gaming websites I was creating. They installed the server for me and also all the software I needed (Apache, mySQL, SQLYOG, etc) configured them all, set up my DNS, A record the whole shebang. I never knew how much work that involves and didn't think much of it as well. Today, I know how much work it is to put a webserver together.

    Anyway, ColoCrossing installed all of that for me, gave me a server that was rediculously cheap and gave me 3TB of bandwidth as well.

    A few months went by and my site started to grow in users. Then out of nowhere, I got flooded with hundreds of thousands of users from They featured my site in an article and the load was too much to handle for my server.

    Within 24 hours, upgraded me to a quad core server and we were back up and running again with all those settings and configurations made.

    I have never in my life had such good service from any company in general. isn't a small company, but the way they treat you, it's like they know everyone's name by heart and they truly treat their clients (at least me) like they ARE a small company.

    They are reliable, efficient and best of all, they don't charge you for something unless, they feel it's worth charging for.

    Feel free to ask me any questions regarding if you like. I really recommend them for novice webbers to profesional hardcore webbers. (I'm somewhere in the middle)

    Stephan Botha

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    You certainly get what you pay for, they're a good provider.

    Glad to hear that you've had a great time with them so far and on their game servers counter-part.

    Come back when you've spent more time with them and post another review .
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    Glad you had a good exprience with ColoCrossing! Feel free update your review in 6 months.

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