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    DKIM/DomainKeys and you

    I wondering how everyone else approaches DKIM and DomainKeys.

    I'm starting to see a lot of implementations now and have recently started adding DKIM and DomainKeys verification to my outbound mail.

    Two things strike me:

    1) The number of DKIM users also adding DomainKeys
    2) The number of DKIM and DomainKeys signed domains that remain in test mode. Example, Yahoo! and Amazon.

    My questions:

    Do you still use both DKIM and DomainKeys? If so, why?

    Do you leave your domain in test mode? Or are you fully confident of your implementation?

    Currently I support both, but dropping DomainKeys seems like the right thing to do, DKIM is the way forward, so can anyone tell me why I should still do DomainKeys? Is backward compatibility important?

    Interested to hear others opinions.

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    Personally, we solely sign using DKIM and do not have our domains in test mode (i.e: we're confident of our implementation).

    Whilst backwards compatibility is important, DKIM certainly is the way forward. We've had no problem in inbox delivery to any of the major players (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, e.t.c) with the setup we use.

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