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    What a lovely racist 4th of July

    I thought I would share my nice experience of the 4th today. I am hoping I can blame this on drunken people with low IQ's but you never know.

    My wife and I were watching fireworks out of our window(we were able to see 5 different fireworks shows at once all over the city it was pretty cool) and decided to go across the street to watch the show near us then go to the store(which is also across the street). We get outside and the air is FILLED with smoke(we are about 3 blocks from the lake so this was a little suprising.) Cars are parked all over the place and the grocery store is PACKED with cars. We cross the street and continue to watch from the sidewalk just outside the parking lot when a trolly type bus(used for tours and whatnot) comes rolling down the street.

    Now I should mention we live in an area populated by many Thai and Vietnamese(along with some S. Koreans). Needless to say there were quite a few Thai and Vietnamese out.

    The bus slowed down to get a view of the end of a fantastic fireworks show. I am not going to go into what was said as the bus filled with what appeared to be mainly drunk white men nor am I going to repeat it, but it just made me feel disgusted. Quite frankly I dont even know what prompted them to start spitting out racial and for that matter incorrect racial slurs(apparently some people feel all Asians are the same ethnicity).

    More than anything this just saddens me not just because of what they said but because it was completely random. Somehow they must have gotten the idea in their head that spewing pro American statements while slinging racial slurs was patriotic.

    I am also a little biased when it comes to Asian-Americans because they have been treated poorly, especially on the west coast for many years and its something commonly forgotten about(During world war two Time magazine put out an article explaining how to tell, using facial clues, a Japanese person from other Asian's, I mean come on, you dont want to beat up the wrong person now do you.) I also spent over 1.5 finishing up my degree in International Affairs, with a focus on E.A in Tokyo and while there traveled to various other Asian countries. So in general I do tend to pay attention to racism more towards Asians.

    But at least the end of the fireworks show was truly amazing and nothing was funnier than 5 car alarms getting set off during the last 15 seconds of the show due to the vibrations.
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    Unfortunately it's going to take time for racism to really fully fade out of society - it may now be frowned upon but it is still very prominent - what I hate is the racism directed by once oppressed minorities against white people. And everyone just looks away..because apparently we're due for it goes both ways, and it's one thing to be politically correct when you should be (which I think is taken way too far) but it's another thing to be completely ignorant of that kind of hypocrisy.

    A little bit more back on topic - since there is so much racism still left, a lot of it tends to be focused on asians/middle eastern people. Being racist against black people is 'forbidden' since they were the oppressed target not too long ago, so other groups are targeted.

    I find it rather despicable myself, you can blame most of it on ignorance really, it's also the same thing with militant homophobes, sexism (and feminism which has evolved into pretty much sexism vs males) and other touchy topics.

    There's only so much you can do though, there's still the whole freedom of speech/expression, and while you can frown upon it and take action against any illegal act such as physical assault or other criminal activities - generally most verbal slurs you can't do much about.

    It'll eventually fade itself out as more and more people in society are open-minded, such that it is a minority that are racist - I don't think it'll ever completely go away, there will still be people that hold onto certain ideals and behaviours. But really, all you can do is try to educate, the people who are worth anything are likely to listen and perhaps change and learn...but education only benefits those who are open to learning; some people you just won't change.

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