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    Question Can we use a single Revecom IBA account on multiple websites?

    Can we use a single Revecom IBA account on multiple websites?

    2checkout offers this, rite?


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    Yes, you can use a RevECom / Paysystems IBA account on multiple web sites. The "company" name will appear on the Paysystems payment page, though, so it might be best if you have one "blanket" company name that covers all of your sites rather than using one site's name...unless you make it very very clear and open that all of your different sites are related.

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    thanks. Good idea abt the one "blanket" company name. I was thinking of that too, that's why i am checking if they allow multiple sites.

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    You can signup for a new account. Signup fee of $50 is discounted for second account.

    Therefore you can have your second account for free.

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    Good info!

    You mean after the first account, we can get subsequent accounts at Revecom for free?

    Which is better?

    Use a blanket account or set up multiple accounts for multiple sites?

    I read that Revecom will show our account name on customers' bill "OUR-ACCOUNT-NAME by PaySystems" but some people complain that they do not. Which is true?

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    Yes, just open your second account and open a ticket and they will activate your second account for free.

    I personally have not seen them to add merchant's name to customer bills.


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    Are we able to change our account's name or website URL after we open it?

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    Sure about URL. You can even update the logo that will apear on payment page.


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    It may be more advantageous to use a "blanket account" to support all your sites.

    Here are few reasons:

    1) Less administrative overhead. You'll have less passwords to remember, and will be able to control all payments and billing from one central location.

    2) If your customers see that your company operates several different websites, it lends credibility by implying you're a decent sized business, not some one man in the basement outfit.

    3) Use phrases like "our sister company," "owned by Atlanta-based (or whatever city) Sig Online Solutions (or whatever company)." Gives a a more professional and sophisticated perception of your company.

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    wmac, how do you change the "Account Profile" details such as the site name, phone numbers...etc ... in Revecom merchant control panel?

    Do we need to email support each time?

    I am interested to learn more about using a blanket company and see how you guys implement it. Any examples?

    Thanks a lot.

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    You can create a demo account and experience everything from inside your control panel.

    Then when you are ready you can pay and ask them to activate the account.

    Yes, you can change most of the things from inside your control panel.


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    I currently have a test account now.

    May I know how can we edit the following info in Account Profile? I am unable to do this in the control panel.

    Company Name:
    Product/Service Provided:
    Web Site Name:
    Web URL:

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    Have sent them support emails.. They take ages to reply. sigh..

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