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    299 1gigabit unshared unmetered $449


    I am very skeptical about's pricing.

    For $449 you can get an unmetered 1gigabit server on an unshared port. What is the catch?

    I spoke to a friendly sales person and they assured me the port is dedicated and there are no catches, they can offer this price due to "special deals from providers".

    Does anyone have servers with them utilizing significant amounts of bandwidth?

    I just do not understand this price ... I would understand if it was shared with other users. I can only imagine 99% of their clients don't come close to averaging 1/4 of the port and this is how they're able to 'risk' this price.

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    Funny: their order forms list 100mbps network access. Also, it never says anywhere unshared; the fact that the port from your server to the switch is dedicated has become a bit of a stupid statement nowadays, but I think we can be pretty certain you are not going to be able to push even half of a gbps 24/7 for that price.
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    I assume 100mbit port is the private network traffic between servers.

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    It's shared.

    Unmetered Bandwidth Servers

    Caro is pleased to announce our brand new and exciting shared bandwidth servers at incredible pricing. Each server is connected to our network at an amazing 1Gbps (1,000Mbps) and have no bandwidth metering or restrictions whatsoever. The list below includes our off-the-shelf, standardized servers, however, customized server are available from our sales department.

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    It looks like a scam.

    The small print specifies "Network Access at 100Mbps." This might be a typo on their part or part of the subterefuge.

    However what amounts to the truths comes out in their network description. CaroNet can only do an aggregate of ~35Gbps Internet transit. No matter how dedicated or unshared their internal network is up to that point, this is where the overbooking will come into effect. They need only sell about 35 of their servers to max out all of their internet connectivity. In the end this is a shared 1 Gbps uplink and it'll only work as long as everybody plays nice and/or they have spare capacity left in their Internet transits.

    In summary, until CaroNet updates and upgrades both their website and their infrastructure I wouldn't take their offer at face value.

    - Zed

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    The sales staff told porky-pies to me then, because I clearly asked if it was shared :|

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    *shrug* I'd double-check with their staff.

    Caro is pretty well known, I am not sure if they'd have the customer base they have by false promises or dishonest marketing techniques.
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    Support said it was mistake in my chat, it is shared. All cleared up.

    That said I'd love to talk to someone who uses their services.

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    Its definitely too good to be true and definitely isn't after the OP clarified. Even the large datacenters with 0.5Tbits capacity charge bandwidth at $4 per mbit. It is not possible to price a server at this cost even with a private peering agreement in place.

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    It is not dedicated 1000MBPS for sure.

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    These are indeed "shared" 1gbps connections, and by no means are these deals, which have been around for quite some time, meant to mislead anyone.

    The website error is being remedied to convey the proper information to avoid any further confusion and we do apologize for this minor typo....or lack there of a 0

    Any questions, please feel free to contact me directly

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